Our staff have made a number of industry presentations and some are available to download

Yogurt manufacture – Part 1

Yogurt Manufacture – Part 2

High Pressure Processing (HPP) in Australia – brief history and product innovations

Market trends and innovations in yogurt

High Pressure Processing (HPP) and food safety


Food Emulsions

Milk powder applications – FAQs

Australian Dairy Industry – a snapshot

AusTrade India Dairy Visits

Functional Foods – Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

Milk Quality from Processors’ Point of View

Food Technology Trends

Nutrients and Functional Components in Fruits and Vegetables

Introduction to Food Additives

Recombined UHT Milk products

UHT Milk and Aseptic Packaging

Market Trends in UHT milk products

Gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)