Product Development & Innovation

We provide R&D services in the following areas of dairy and food processing:

  • Product Development and Formulation Innovations – Evaporation & spray drying, UHT milk, UHT Whipping cream, nutritional powders, Infant formula (for Australia and China), bars, beverages, high protein drinks, yogurt, baby foods, processed cheese, bakery, etc.
  • New Product Development – NPD on plant-based ingredients – soy, almond, faba bean, peas, chickpeas, lentil etc. – extraction and development of products and ingredients.
  • Plant proteins, bioactive ingredients and functional foods – isolation, characterisation, new product development, product applications
  • Help in replacing “black-box” stabiliser/emulsifier blends in food products (such as UHT whipping cream, yogurt, UHT products, ice cream etc.) with your own proprietary blends
  • Shelf life analysis of food products at a range of temperatures including powders, liquids, gels, bars etc.
  • High Pressure Processing (HPP) – factory set-up, market intelligence, product development, safety, quality and shelf life
  • Scoping Studies – desktop analysis of opportunities
  • Review of scientific literature and market intelligence (secondary analysis)
  • Technology Scouting – assessment of new technology
  • Value-added processing – lab and pilot-scale processing trials
  • Factory layout, design and service requirements – Greenfield or Brownfield sites
  • Regulations & Food Labelling – nutrition information panels (NIPs) & AFGC product information forms (PIFs)
  • Food Safety and Quality assessment
  • Technical Training & basic staff education in food product development and processing
  • Long-term R&D projects
  • Sensory analysis
  • R&D Grant applications
  • Links to Govt, Universities and other food research organisations