Analytical Services for Food

Below are some of the common analytical testing laboratories for food in Australia.

OzScientific Pty Ltd – Particle size analysis, fat globule size analysis, whey protein nitrogen index (WPNI), food colour, Food texture, food rheology, Gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE); HPLC (protein separation, beta casein A2, lactoferrin, IgG), Head-space Oxygen, functional properties (solubility, emulsification, heat stability, foaming), bulk density, water activity, conductivity, Brix

Department of Primary Industries NSW – Including analysis of food oils using Rancimat

Enzyme Labs – Enzyme activity analysis

Modern Olives – R&D and testing on olives and olive oils (capacity to measure fat/oil deterioration using Rancimat)

Agrifood Technology – Analytical and microbiological testing; specialists in grain testing

BVAQ (Formerly DTS Labs and AsureQuality) – Analytical and microbiological testing of food

Symbio laboratories – Food, agricultural produce, grain, horticulture, meat, seafood testing

National Measurement Institute (NMI) – Food and agriculture

Intertek Australia – Range of food analysis including rancimat test for oils

Eurofins Australia – Food compositional analysis