Technical Training

Here at OzScientific, using in-house resources and external expertise, we offer courses in industry-friendly language that help dairy & food industry in innovation and product development.

We offer training in small groups (up to 12 people). We can also provide training at your business premises.

  • Infant formula – formulation knowledge, product development, regulations and labelling
  • UHT dairy and non-dairy beverages – ingredient functionality, heat stability, shelf life
  • High Pressure Processing (HPP) – factory set-up, market intelligence, product development, safety, quality and shelf life
  • Yogurt & fermented milk products – formulations, effects of stabiliser, defects analysis and sensory analysis
  • Rheology – basic rheological techniques (flow, viscosity, visco-elastic properties)
  • Texture analysis – texture profile analysis
  • Processed cheese – formulations, effects of stabilisers
  • Ingredients functionality – basic properties of food ingredients and their applications; selecting right ingredients and getting the best out of ingredients
  • Food shelf life analysis