Food Ingredient Suppliers

Wholesale Group International

Melbourne Food Ingredients Depot

Consolidated Chemicals Company – for food ingredients, chemicals and nutraceuticals

MBL Food Service – for food ingredients like maltodextrin

Bestlan – For fruits and vegetable puree

Vitamins and Minerals premixes (for infant formula and fortified nutritional beverages)

Alchemy Agencies – For range of food and nutraceutical ingredients


Additive Solutions (suppliers of VitaBlend)

Halley Australia

Suppliers of Plant Proteins

Ingredion – VITESSENCE™ Pulse proteins –
pea, lentil and faba/broad beans

Brenntag – Cosucra pea protein concentrate

BI Nutraceuticals – Fava bean protein concentrate

  • Faba Bean Protein 60% (Deflavored)
  • Faba Bean Protein 80%
  • Lentil Protein 55%
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein 70%
  • Rice Protein 80%

Food Service Supplies

Padstow Food Service – for a range of dairy and non-dairy products and ingredients, hospitality supplies and packaging