Research and Development

We provide short- and long-term research and development on project basis. Our projects that we support may include feasibility studies, developing and setting up of new food product or process, investigating effects of variables on quality of foods, shelf life analysis, supervision of student projects etc.

Examples of recent projects carried out by us include:

  1. Pre-feasiblity of value-added spray drying for fruits and vegetables
  2. Pre-feasibility of high processing processing (HPP) in South-West region of Western Australia
  3. Development of a frappe-products from concept to commercialisation
  4. Pilot-scale development of almond milk
  5. Development of a UHT whipping cream from concept to commercialisation
  6. Shelf life validation of UHT whipping cream
  7. Assessment of drying technologies for vegetable protein extracts
  8. Setting of a small milk processing factory with optimisation of milk
  9. Development of an HPLC method for fractionation of lactoferrin.
  10. Development of a carbonated nutritional beverage
  11. Development of methods physical and functionality analysis of biscuit bars