OzScientific expands its food product development lab

OzScientific Pty Ltd has been a member of Victorian food innovation network (FIN) from the start.  We provide commercial food innovation and product development services to food and beverage manufacturers.  With our growing capabilities and expertise, we can transform your great idea into a new food product.

We have recently expanded our laboratory facilities with the addition of a new food product development and analysis lab. The new, 90 square meter lab, is designed for development of concept products, food functionality testing, food quality assessment and shelf life analysis.  Our new NPD lab (New Product Development lab) offers access to decades of experience in product formulation and works hand in hand with quality assessment tools that help our customers to benchmark a new product, investigate a product defect or customer complaint.  Our capabilities include measuring colour, water activity, viscosity, rheology, texture and particle size analysis.

With a team of highly experienced staff, OzScientific is currently helping small and large food processors in feasibility studies, NPD, regular product testing and accelerated shelf life analysis. OzScientific’s ability to develop and assess new protein ingredients are valued by food companies developing new protein products from dairy and plant-based ingredients.


For further information, please contact Dr Ranjan Sharma at +61 448 004 996 or ranjan@ozscientific.com or Dr Barbara Meurer at +61 418 163 409 or barbara@ozscientific.com

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