KIND Healthy Snacks Unveils Food and Nutrition Trends for 2019

KIND Healthy Snacks on Tuesday forecasted the top ten food and nutrition trends for 2019. The trends include:

  • Seed Butters: In 2019, keep an eye out for sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon seed butters — which share the same good fat profile of nut butters, but may offer an alternative for those with nut allergies.
  • Cannabinoid Craze: While CBD can be found within lotions and oils to aid folks with chronic conditions, 2019 marks the year where the cannabis plant extract makes its way into the food & beverage industries.
  • Food Porn No More: The business of perfect-looking food has been ubiquitous within our society for the past few decades. In 2019, this movement to be flipped on its head, and ‘ugly’ foods to earn the praise they’ve long deserved.
  • African Flavors: African-inspired culinary influences have been ever-present in the American restaurant scene, but 2019 marks the year that these spices and super foods will make their way into more conventional formats.
  • Trust Your Gut (Health): Digestive health has emerged as a core component of our modern view of health and wellness, with new appreciation for the powerful impact of the microbiome.
  • ‘Anti-Sugar’ to ‘Anti-Added Sugar’: With the new requirement that companies distinguish between added and naturally occurring sugars on food labels, consumers are becoming more aware that not all sugars are created equal.
  • H2-Wh0a: While infusing water with fruits and vegetables is common for many Americans, we anticipate other forms of hydration to gain popularity. Coconut water will remain mainstream, but other options will be available for those looking to add more vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to their diet.
  • Going Meatless Isn’t Just for Mondays: From plants to insects and lentils to soy, meat and dairy-free protein alternatives are becoming more mainstream.
  • Foods First, Vitamins Second: With growing interest in clean labeling, individuals have adopted a ‘food-first’ mindset and started embracing whole, minimally processed foods to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Transparency 2.0: While transparency within the food industry is table stakes at this point, consumers are continuing to hold food companies accountable and expect specific information on-pack.

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