Whole Foods names top 10 trends for 2019

Whole Foods names top 10 trends for 2019

Vegan jerky, globally inspired frozen treats and “fat bombs” are among the top food trends to watch in 2019, according to global buyers for Whole Foods Market. To develop its forecast for 2019, the specialty grocery chain compiled input from the experts who source items and lead trends across the cheese, grocery, meat, seafood, prepared foods, produce and personal care departments for its more than 490 stores. The top food trends include:

Faux meat snacks.

Plant-based foods will continue to surprise and inspire—this year taking on the meat-based snacking world of jerkies and pork rinds you may associate with the corner store and road trips. While plant-based foods aren’t exactly a new trend, our experts noted more people—even those who don’t eat only vegan or vegetarian—are exploring plant-based snacking as their palates crave adventure, want a break from meat, or seek more ways to add savory umami flavors into snacks and meals.

Whole Foods 2019 trends faux meat snacks
Eco-conscious packaging

The number of brands making the switch to packaging with the environment in mind continues to grow at a quickening pace. Dozens of like-minded brands in the OSC2 Compostable Packaging Collaborative have pooled their efforts to make important advances in flexible product pouches.

Whole Foods 2019 trends eco-conscious packaging
Marine munchies

Seaweed snacks rose to popularity a few years back and are now enjoyed by health-conscious adults and toddlers alike, however, our experts expect even more ocean influence in the grocery aisles in the year to come. Think beyond seaweed snacks. Sea greens are showing up in dishes like seaweed butter and kelp noodles while consumers are exploring new depths of ocean flavors with superfood properties like unique varietals of algae and kelp

Whole Foods 2019 trends marine munchies
Next-level hemp

While CBD oil is still technically taboo (prohibited in food, body care and dietary supplements under federal law), retailers, culinary experts and consumers can’t miss the cannabis craze when visiting food industry trade shows, food innovators conferences or even local farmers markets. But there’s more to this trend than CBD.

Whole Foods 2019 trends next-level hemp
Pacific Rim flavors

Flavor inspiration from the Pacific Rim (think Asia, Oceania, and the western coasts of North and South America) are popping up in grocery stores and restaurants as people continue to explore more of the world through their palates. Ingredients like longganisa (a Filipino pork sausage), dried shrimp, cuttlefish and shrimp paste are on restaurant and home menus that span from breakfast to dinner, while vibrant tropical fruits such as guava, dragon fruit and passionfruit are making their way into colorful smoothie bowls and cocktails.

Whole Foods 2019 trends Pacific Rim Flavors
Phat fats

With the rising popularity of keto, paleo, grain-free, and even “pegan” (paleo + vegan) diets, plus a general shifting consumer mind-set, fats are starring ingredients in creative, convenient foods. Along with these phat fats, higher protein and lower-carb combos will continue to trend across simple and easy snacking categories.

Whole Foods 2019 trends phat fats
Purchases that empower

In 2019, thoughtful consideration behind purchases moves beyond (but doesn’t exclude!) environmental stewardship and animal welfare, and becomes more people-focused. Greyston Bakery practices an open hiring model—no questions asked—to practice what they call “radical inclusion,” which includes anyone who has faced barriers to employment.

Whole Foods 2019 trends purchases that empower
Shelf-stable probiotics

In 2019, expect even more innovative probiotic integrations in food—and not just in the supplement or refrigerated aisles. New strains of probiotics such as Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 and Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 are making more shelf-stable applications possible. Wellness-focused brands are making it easier to get more probiotics in your day by adding functional probiotic ingredients to your pantry staples through products like granola,

Whole Foods 2019 trends shelf-stable probiotics
Snack time, upgraded

Snacking across the board will take a turn toward the fancy, and snacks, as they start to usurp the usual three-meals-a-day routine, are anything but ordinary. Snacking has become an occasion of its very own—think charcuterie or cheese boards for one, one-ounce portions of Cypress Grove cheeses paired with demi-baguettes as desk snacks, and more mini meals.

Whole Foods 2019 trends snack time upgraded
Trailblazing frozen treats

The new pints on the block are adding a fresh take on a timeless treat with innovative bases like avocado, hummus, tahini, and coconut water. Look down specialty frozen aisles and you might find plant-based frozen desserts like CocoWhip Soft Serve and ice creams with savory swirls of artisanal cheese (and don’t think you’ll stop seeing those low calorie,

Whole Foods 2019 trends trailblazing frozen treats

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