Functional Foods Weekly Vol 13 No 12 – Headlines

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Business & Market Intelligence

  • Saputo buys Southeast Milk division; adds to US dairy foods operations
  • China Mengniu Dairy teaming with Alibaba on rural distribution
  • McDonald’s to bring bottled McCafe drinks to store shelves
  • Nestlé buys Plant-Based Food Company, Sweet Earth Natural Foods!
  • MGP Ingredients expands clean-label wheat protein portfolio

Consumer & Market Trends and Market Size

  • Millennials Consider Coconut as Healthy Food Ingredient
  • Chinese Shoppers Are Turning Their Backs on Foreign Brands
  • China backs its baby formula, but consumers aren’t convinced
  • Frozen desserts and snacks are the next frontier for plant-based proteins – Euromonitor
  • Rabobank: Demand for pulses on the upswing
  • Health and Wellness Market Outpaces Standard Food and Beverages – Euromonitor
  • Nielsen: Label transparency can boost sales
  • Beverage trends 2017: Google data reveals what’s satisfying consumers’ thirst

Innovations, new products, IP

  • Java Shots Releases New Cold Brew Coffee Line
  • Green Giant® Refreshes the Freezer with New Green Giant Veggie Spirals™
  • Onken launches personalised online yogurt-making service
  • A2 Protein Natural Yoghurt
  • Activia introduces new grains and seeds yogurt range
  • Barry Callebaut launches first ever “ruby chocolate”
  • Straus Family Creamery adds chocolate milk to its organic range
  • Arnott’s launches new category“cracker chips”
  • New ice cream flavor by Blue Bell inspired by pink camouflage designs
  • Garden Lites offers new products that are a “gateway” to loving vegetables for life
  • Bulletproof Releases Cold Brew Line of Ready-To-Drink Bulletproof Coffee
  • ‘Wow, no cow’: the Swedish farmer using oats to make milk
  • DRINKmaple Grapefruit Maple Water
  • Ready-to-drink purple tea

Regulations, Labelling, Health Claims & Food Safety

  • Recommended fat intake should increase, Canadian researchers say
  • General Mills’ effort to trademark yellow box fails
  • New US guidelines seek to combat hypertension in children
  • US Judge Tosses Suits Over ‘100 Percent Parmesan’ Claims
  • Roasted Coffee could soon carry cancer warnings on packaging

Nutrition, Diets, Health Benefits & Related Research

  • Dairy’s Counterintuitive Effects on Cardiovascular Disease Risk
  • Plant-Based Milk Beverages Affect Children’s Height
  • Higher fruit, vegetable, and legume consumption was associated with a lower risk of non-cardiovascular, and total mortality
  • Whole grains decrease colorectal cancer risk, report states
  • The Macular Carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin Are Related to Increased Bone Density in Young Healthy Adults

Reviews, Views & Full text publications

  • To Nutraceuticals and Back: Rethinking a Concept
  • Examining the Relationship between Free Sugars and Calorie Contents in Canadian Prepacked Foods and Beverages
  • Antioxidants in Food: The Significance of Characterisation, Identification, Chemical and Biological Assays in Determining the Role of Antioxidants in Food
  • Sodium Chloride and Its Influence on the Aroma Profile of Yeasted Bread
  • Benefit of Lactose Concentration between Goat’s Milk and Commercialized Powder Milk
  • Relation Between αS1-Casein Content and Coagulation Properties of Milk from Swedish Dairy Goats

Download a free copy of Functional Foods Weekly Vol 13 No 12

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