Dubai’s Camelicious launches camel milk-based baby formula

Dubai company Camelicious has unveiled a camel milk-based baby formula that is said to have “ten times the amount of iron found in other Dubai’s Camelicious launches camel milk-based baby formulatypes of milk”. Launching at Gulfood 2018, the product is suitable for infants between the ages of one and three, and aimed at those who may have an intolerance to cow’s milk. Camelicious said that camel milk contains high levels of vitamin C as well as a group of essential amino acids. Mutasher Awadh Al Badry, Camelicious deputy general manager, said: “We had dedicated ourselves to develop a special formula to be the world’s first instant baby milk processed from camel milk in cooperation with international pioneers in baby milk industry. This innovative product is exclusive for babies aged from one to three years. It would back up their physical growth, as it contains ten times of iron fount in other types of milk. “This large quantity of iron helps to strengthen the blood, helps to protect children from anemia, and provides their bodies with vital minerals they need for daily life including magnesium, potassium, copper, sodium and manganese.”….. Read

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