Australian organic products market to reach AU$2 billion by 2018

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The 2017 Report has some interesting industry stats including:

  • The number of certified organic operations in Australia grew by 5%.
  • The tonnes of organic products exported from Australia grew by 17%.
  • Bakery items showed more than four-fold export growth between 2015 and 2016.
  • Exports of sheep/lamb meat, cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, dairy products and chicken all showed exceptional growth.
  • Australia has 53% of the world’s organic farmland.


Plus information about organic shoppers:

  • More than two out of three Australian households say they bought at least one organic product in the past year.
  • Personal health for the buyer and their family is the strongest driver.
  • Fruit and vegetables, dairy and home-cooking ingredients are the leading food basket categories for organic shoppers in 2016.
  • Most shoppers are aware that certification marks are used on organic products as a ‘guarantee’ of authenticity.
  • An organic certification mark increases the confidence of two-thirds of all shoppers in the certified product.

Download the report here:





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