Source: FSANZ 31 July 2020 ​Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today announced the start of a three year transition period for mandatory pregnancy warning labels on alcohol. FSANZ CEO Mark Booth said the new requirements take effect from today following gazettal in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code […]

Clock starts on transition period for mandatory pregnancy warning labels

This report shows that 2020 is set to be a watershed in the shift from animal proteins towards plant-based and new protein sources. The protein transition has gone mainstream. COVID-19 has crystallised this trend, putting animal protein supply chains into meltdown and placing biosecurity and workers’ rights issues in the […]

Upsurge in plant protein is unabated – FAIRR report

AQS is an internationally agreed method of determining the size or quantity of pre-packed articles with a ‘constant nominal content’. This means it provides confirmation of the measurement or quantity of goods in the package, being sold by measure (weight, volume, length, area or number).AQS is based on recommendations developed […]

What is average quantity system (AQS)? Why should we implement ...