What is average quantity system (AQS)? Why should we implement it?

AQS is an internationally agreed method of determining the size or quantity of pre-packed articles with a ‘constant nominal content’. This means it provides confirmation of the measurement or quantity of goods in the package, being sold by measure (weight, volume, length, area or number).
AQS is based on recommendations developed by the International Organization of Legal Metrology and is intended for use in large-scale packaging plants where goods (e.g. breakfast cereals, cannery, baked goods etc) are packed in the same quantity in batches of at least 100 packages.

AQS provides a 97.5% assurance that goods are the correct quantity within the prescribed tolerances. These tolerances are proportional to the quantity of product and related difficulty of accurate filling.

If your organisation has not implemented AQS, you might be missing out on significant savings, in some cases millions of dollars!

Mary Sharma at OzScientific Pty Ltd is an expert in assessing (feasibility) and implementing (project management) of AQS for large FMCG food companies.

You can download our capability brochure on AQS – https://lnkd.in/gGPW-MC

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