Dr Mani Iyer

Dr Mani Iyer is the Chief Executive of MILAR Enterprises Pty Ltd – Consultants to the global food industry. Mani has over 35 years of experience travelling in and working with dairy food industry in Australia, New Zealand, China, India, EU, Middle East, USA and Asian countries. Mani has a PhD in Ultrafiltration and cheesemaking from New Zealand. During 2007-16, Mani worked at Dairy Australia as Program Manager – Manufacturing Innovation and Capability, working on projects relevant to international trade, Dairy Manufacturing R & D, and upskilling workforce using latest communication technologies. In recent years, Mani has worked as a consultant for large dairy food companies on projects relevant with a) identifying opportunities for new functional and healthy products and b) process and product evaluation, improvement and capacity expansion.

Mani has special expertise in dairy manufacturing processes, project management, R & D, export markets, Education and Training, Ingredient applications, developing new dairy products, membrane technology, infant formula, global trends in novel and functional products and overseas dairy markets. Mani has experience in representing the interests of overseas companies in Australia. In 2005 Mani was the technical expert for an infant formula company based in China. During 2001-17, he travelled frequently to China, S Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE working with dairy companies in these countries. He has made more than 100 technical and scientific presentations in these countries helping local manufacturers with technical troubleshooting and developing new products.

Mani is the scientific editor of 370-page book titled ‘Australian Dairy Ingredient Reference Manual’. Mani has trained more than 1000 managers from dairy companies in Australia and several other countries. Mani has a strong and vast network of dairy professionals in many countries – Australia, India, New Zealand, China, EU, and USA. Other areas of expertise include webinars for upskilling industry workforce, scholarship programs for graduates and running training programs for dairy food companies. Mani is keen to network with Australian and global companies interested in trade, R & D, product development, education and training.