Dubai company Camelicious has unveiled a camel milk-based baby formula that is said to have “ten times the amount of iron found in other types of milk”. Launching at Gulfood 2018, the product is suitable for infants between the ages of one and three, and aimed at those who may […]

Dubai’s Camelicious launches camel milk-based baby formula

Dairy alternatives manufacturer Califia Farms has launched a breakthrough line of dairy-free yogurt drinks made with the Califia Culture Blend. This distinct trio of 10 billion live, active probiotic CFUs is powered by BB-12, a strain developed by Chr. Hansen for dairy alternatives last year. Califia Farms is the first […]

Califia Farms launches first dairy-free probiotic yogurt

Plant proteins are big business and a fast-growing category that companies and retailers can’t afford to ignore, according to a new report. The investor report, titled “Plant-based profits,” urges global food companies to diversify their protein sourcing away from a reliance on animal proteins and analyzes how 16 multinational companies […]

Market for alternative proteins to reach $5.2 billion by 2020